About Our Store Equipment Business in Northern California

Since 1991, Bentley’s Display has been your source for store equipment in Northern California. We help retail businesses thrive by offering quality display fixtures. Expand your store layout, make the most of your space, and enhance the viability of your enterprise with our help. From jewelry cases to security solutions, we are committed to helping you reach your retail goals.

Involved with store display equipment since our inception, our business has evolved from concentrating on salvaging used store fixtures to providing new store fixtures. We have teamed up with the well-known manufacturers across the country to provide a wide array of equipment and hardware. From retail displays to items that simplify the shopping experience, we supply the items that make your store a success.

Adapting to your Needs

Our commitment to quality has also meant we have adapted with the times. With the proliferation of the Internet and online shopping, retail has become a more competitive environment. Therefore, we know that facilitating the customer’s shopping experience is one of the key strategies to securing more business for brick-and-mortar establishments. We strive to expand our inventory to incorporate many different markets and industries, including retail and foodservice. 

Thanks to our simple and intuitive online catalog, you can order the retail hardware you need and have it delivered directly to you. Our extensive online store offers:

  • Fixtures and Displays: Customers love to see what they are about to buy. Our selection of retail displays showcases your inventory, making your offerings attractive and easier to access. From jewelry cases to mannequins, we have the units you need to make your store stand out.
  • Retail Supplies: We offer shelving, displays, clothing racks, slatwall assemblies, and more. Our selection is highly adaptable to your business and what you sell. Our inventory includes new hardware, replacement parts, and also supplies to promote your latest sale!
  • Security: Protect your personnel, visitors, and your inventory with our extensive selection of security equipment. We offer a variety of hardware, equipment, and technology that promote safety and reduce the risk of theft and vandalism.
  • And Much More: Your store is unique and offers something special to the community--design it how you want it. We offer a wealth of supplies and equipment, including signage, packing supplies, lighting, and collectibles to add that extra flair and utility to your location.

Our Motto: “Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back”

We are inspired by the intrepid entrepreneurs of the 19th century, who revolutionized retail. Our motto comes from one such individual, the founder of Montgomery Ward. If you are not satisfied with your purchases, let us know, and we will work hard to make things right.

Contact us to learn more about our store equipment and supplies. Our company is based in Northern California 

and ships throughout the United States.